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Attention To Detail...

It's incredibly valuable and in everything we do. It's important to me that how a person plays and interacts with their instrument is taken into consideration. I deliver a high quality repair service in a comfortable environment right in the heart of London. My clients gain not only a finely tuned instrument, but a better understanding of it as well. Whatever type of work we are handling for you I like to have each customer try their instrument when they collect so it can be finely tuned to an individual's own style and make sure it's exactly what you are after.


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11 Denmark Street, Second Floor
London, UK WC2H 8LS

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I'd love to work on your instrument, show you what we do and get it playing in top shape. With over twenty years experience we've worked on thousands of instruments of all types both vintage and modern. There's a lot of varying prices and quality of work out there and I focus on delivering the best. We offer comprehensive services for many different types of problems and below are the prices for some common repairs. Remember, every instrument is in a different condition so these prices may vary depending on how much work is needed. Certain repair services will available by individual estimate. I have clients visit from all across the UK & the world and I love helping my locals in London and the South-East. There is no charge for an initial in person inspection and estimate. All prices are for labour only and any parts are not included unless specified.





This includes the changing, stretching and tuning of new strings, cleaning & oiling the fretboard, clean & polish, tighten machine heads, cleaning the electronics.

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar and Bass - £20

  • Classical/Nylon String guitar £25

  • Locking Trems / 12 string - £30


Our most popular choice; A setup will fine tune your instrument so it plays just how you want it! Setups include everything above plus diagnostics, cleaning fret board & buffing frets, tightening hardware, adjusting nut slots, Adjust neck relief/truss rod adjustment, balancing tremolo, adjusting action, setting intonation, checking/cleaning electronics, balancing pick ups, detail and cleaning. 

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar and Bass £55-70

  • Locking Trems - £60-80

  • Mandolins & Archtops (bridge fit) +£20


Bone Nuts & Saddles

One of the most common upgrades to a Guitar or Bass that will certainly improve its sound. If they are even available, most over the counter replacements will not fit without work. We size, cut and polish each one to ensure the best fit and sound. 

  • Guitar & Bass Nut - £60

  • Acoustic Guitar Saddle £60

  • 12 String Nut - £75

  • Long (Set) Saddle - from £65



Frets are an intricate and very important part of any instrument. The size and material will have a great impact on your sound and the feel of your guitar. A high quality job is imperative for both the playability of the guitar and the life of the frets. All our fretwork includes the cost of a full setup to ensure maximum service & playability.

  • Fret level and dress - £140

  • Re-fret (no binding) - from £220

  • Re-fret (binding) - from £250



It doesn't matter what kind of stringed instrument you have, the bridge is where they make contact with the body. It is one of the most important points of contact where much of the tone and sustain will develop. There are various types of upgrades available and should your instrument be in the unfortunate position of requiring repair then there are solutions.

  • Fit Archtop bridge - from £40

  • Remove, Re-fit & glue acoustic bridge - from £140

  • Shape & fit new acoustic bridge - from £180

  • Electric guitar bridge upgrade - from £50, plus new bridge


Headstock Breaks

Accidents happen, and we can help with all sorts of headstock damage. I've had hundreds of distressed people over the years arrive with their instrument in pieces and leave with a smile on their face after collecting their repaired guitar, knowing it will have many years more faithful service. Repairs can cost as little as £60 but will need to be inspected in person to determine what will be necessary to get the job done right.



Pickup Installation

We install both acoustic and electric pickups and the price per pickup goes down depending on how many we are installing per job

Passive Pickups

  • one pickup £20

  • two pickups £35

  • three pickups £45

Acoustic Pickups

  • from £40

Active pickups systems often require changing the wiring harness and possibly adding a battery and are evaluated individually. 



Upgrading your electronics is an economical way to get a great sounding guitar on a budget. Many of my customers come in looking to improve the sound or reliability of their instruments and we can wire up nearly anything you want. (No smoke machines. I've been asked, really) 

We see tons of broken, worn out and abused components that can be repaired or replaced as required. Bad electronics work is something I see come in daily for repair and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to soldering. Rest assured that if we wire something up for you, it'll be ready for a world tour.

Interference (humming or buzzing) is everywhere these days with screens, lights, dirty power supplies and more. Every year more people come to me needing their guitar shielded from these elements. A properly shielded guitar will virtually eliminate most interference. 

  • Wiring harness (Tele, Strat) - £70

  • Wiring harness (SG, LP) - £80

  • Pickup Re-wind (per coil) - £40

  • Jack Replacement (incl. jack)- £25

  • Switch Replacement (+switch) - £20

  • Shielding (Strat, Tele) - £70

  • Sheilding (SG, LP) - £80


Paint & Finishing

One of the very few limitations in my workshop is the ability to do paintwork and full refinishing. We operate in a very limited space in Central London which also carries certain environmental and emissions regulations as you might imagine so no spray booth here (sad face). Certain small finish repairs and correction work is not a problem but please contact me first so we can properly assess your individual needs.



I keep a small stock of the most commonly used parts but I can order in the correct materials once I've examined the instrument and know what is required for the job. I may be able to point you in the right direction but I will only discuss parts in detail with a job being booked in. As much as I'd love to help everyone, it is the responsibility of the shop or person selling you the part to provide answers to your questions. I must devote my time and energy to serve my current clients best. 


This is only a small selection of what we do here as a full list would be too much to go through, not to mention boring! We do Bigsby fittings, Routing work and installs, fix cracks of all kind, and much more. If what you're looking for isn't listed here then please get in touch with your preferred medium (phone, text, email, social media, carrier pigeon, smoke signals etc.) and just ask. We'll always do our best to help you



Come say hello and see the all latest goings on in the workshop! 

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